Dyacon Products

Dyacon has world-class expertise in the design and manufacture of industrial computers for use as commercial transportation telematics platforms. Unlike ordinary laptop computers, these on-board vehicle computers have specialized I/O ports, rugged data memory systems, and a low price point. Integrated options include radio transceivers for satellite, cell phone, or WiFi.

Computer features include:

  • Wide DC power input direct from vehicle with over-voltage protection.
  • Integrated un-interruptible power supply to prevent computer resets during vehicle cranking and glitches.
  • Interface to the vehicle engine control module (J1939, J1708, ODBII).
  • Serial ports for connecting to satellite modems and other industrial modems.
  • Digital inputs for monitoring vehicle systems, such as door position, equipment status, ignition status, and so forth.
  • Digital outputs for controlling or signaling external devices, such as driver lights, beepers, or locks.
  • An RS485 interface to sensor networks used for security systems and monitoring.


The CT605 is a customizable, C-programmable computer platform. Options include a UPS, cell phone, GPS receiver, and RS485 port. J1708 connectivity is standard, providing the capability to monitor engine and vehicle parameters remotely.


The CT630 builds on the successful CT line by adding J1939, an upgraded cell phone, and software selectable RS232/485.

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